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Next Ice Age likely to arrive before some eBay purchases

Ever found just the thing your looking for on eBay, Only to find that the seller is only offering to send it by the slowest delivery service the human race has ever created?

If the answer is yes, your not alone. It seems in recent years starting approximately when eBay started to ‘re-invent’ itself in it’s desperate bid to become another Amazon style website rather than it’s traditional ‘flea market’ appearance that along with the exodus of normal sellers their has also been an exodus of morals about delivering the item in timely fashion. To add insult to injury many ‘Buy it Now’ items now demand immeadiate payment yet when the postage details are checked state that dispatch can in many cases be 3-4 days and then only a snails pace delivery service offered.

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Facebook buys Whatsapp: good news or not?

Internet giant Facebook Cross platform instant messaging app for smart phonesAm I alone in not being overly enthusiastic about the purchase of Whatsapp by Facebook?

like many who have grown tired of Facebook and their seemingly constant mission to extract ever more personal and sensitive information from it’s users the simplicity of Whatsapp along with its ability to operate regardless of what type of mobile or network that you have Was a massive plus point.

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Maybe the internet should have a cooling off period…

Why do people suddenly become more aggressive or even simply abusive when connected to the internet?

This is a complex question i know and many far better qualified than i will i’m sure have many technical and medical answers for this, But as a normal everyday guy i’m noticing it more and more in everyday life.

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