I’ve been converted…

From what and to what? you may ask. I’ve always been wary of big technology companies.. i was where Microsoft was concerned in the late 90’s and more recently where Apple, Google, Facebook and a whole host of others are concerned. Not because i’m a particular believer in conspiracy theories, but because i get wary of large companies with massive monopolies in a particular market sector. With Microsoft it was the seemingly never ending releases of the newest version of Windows that supposedly was the ultimate operating system that would cost a small fortune, when i had just purchased the version before a couple of months earlier because it was… you guessed it, the ultimate operating system and for a small fortune!

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Maybe the internet should have a cooling off period…

Why do people suddenly become more aggressive or even simply abusive when connected to the internet?

This is a complex question i know and many far better qualified than i will i’m sure have many technical and medical answers for this, But as a normal everyday guy i’m noticing it more and more in everyday life.

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The Presidential Bunk Up

So President Hollande of France has dumped his girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler after having being caught red handed sneaking out of an apartment block after an illicit meeting with his mistress Julie Gayet.

What i don’t understand is why the media is so obsessed with this story?

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The DROP Eco Hotel: Sane and Rational or Barmy?

DROP Eco Hotel

The DROP Eco-Hotel is an ultra-mobile prefab dwelling developed by In-Tenta for a contest organized by Urban Square, O-Cults, and Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura. The mobile hotel room draws inspiration from organic shapes found in nature, and it can be installed on a variety of terrains. The DROP Eco-Hotel is designed to be elevated above the earth (so it leaves a light footprint), and it features spherical transparent windows that can be completely opened to bring guests into direct contact with nature.

Who would have thought something green, could be so cool…

would you consider a break in one of these?

They certainly appear feature packed and can be placed, well just about anywhere according to the designers.

Given the multitude of barmy and sometimes outright whacky efforts to produce environmentally friendly accommodation this in my humble opinion surely has to rank at the more sane and rational end of the scale.

So here we have actual proof that not all environmentalists are lunatics, extremists or just plain loopy.

The big question is how much will the DROP Eco Hotel cost? Time will tell I’m sure but hopefully they won’t cost the earth.. I wonder as it seems the words environmentally friendly or any one of the many variations on the general theme of environmentalism seem to be basically a set of code words for whatever the product is being ridiculously expensive or just plain and blatantly overpriced.

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Film Blamed for attacks on US Personnel

It’s being reported that the film titled Muslim Innocence is to blame for violence in Egypt and Libya. US Embassy personnel have been killed and Missile cruisers are reportedly being planted just of the Egyptian and Libyan Coasts according to US News Agencies.

Q: Can any sane person use a film as justification for murder?

Now members of the cast are being reported as claiming the producer of the film duped them into believing it was some kind of historical film about an ancient Egyptian called George according to GAWKER

[webthumb url=http://gawker.com size=small showsml=yes label=”YouTube Film Muslim Innocence Provokes More Violence” template=3]

US President Barack Obama has vowed the US will work with the Libyan government to bring those responsible for the deaths of US personnel to justice and has been quoted by pa.press.net as saying

“Make no mistake, justice will be done” – Barack Obama 12th September 2012

I certainly hope so Mr Obama. The 4 US Personnel were apparently evacuating the embassy. You can’t get closer to being shot in the back than that.

Although openly senior US officials are maintaining the line of these attacks being protests against the film and stating “there is no clear intelligence that indicated before hand of a possible attack” even though it’s now claimed by CNN that ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, who was one of those killed warned of extremist groups and acts as far back as 2008 in close proximity to the embassy. CNN is reporting that speaking on condition of anonymity some US Officials believe this is a planned anniversary of 9/11 and that Chris Stevens was in fact targeted by the very pro al-qaeda extremists he warned the US of. Ambassador Stevens warning were among the many communications published by wikiLeaks in 2010/2011 say CNN.

Q: Was the west wrong to support the overthrow of Col. Gadhafi? Would we have been better off with the devil we knew or has the west only succeeded in creating the next war zone?

Time will tell….

UK MP’s: Ban Happy Hour!

“happy hour” drink promotions should be banned according to a group of UK MPs.

British supermarkets should also be subject to tighter controls and prevented by law from selling alcohol at a loss to encourage people into their stores, the MPs say.

Citing research that showed the real price of alcohol has fallen dramatically, the Home Affairs Select Committee urged ministers to clamp down on irresponsible bars and pubs.

They found the “whole focus” of police resources was in dealing with alcohol-fuelled and football violence, meaning officers were “hitting their targets but missing the point”.

Chairman of the select committee Keith Vaz said: “We cannot have on one hand a world of alcohol promotions for profit that fuels surges of crime and disorder, and on the other the police diverting all their resources to cope with it.”

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