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Copyright Theft: In reality some content producers have never had it so good!

Now at first glance it probably looks like a strange comment, but having been reading a number of very reliable reports about Music Industry and Movie/TV producers ongoing war against what they consider to be copyright theft across europe, a number of issues seem to rear their ugly heads (and not just lawyers).

Having spent years persuing the out and out bad guys of the online pirated content industry it seems the nasty little b**stads that are also known as FACT, MPA and lawyers in general have now started on small non profit services started to provide free services to Deaf people and Foreign language viewers. Services that were usually free and derived no income at all either from advertising revenues or by way of charging for their service. One classic example was from Sweden where a group of viewers provided transcripts for TV programmes so Deaf and other language viewers could follow what was going on in the program have been shut down accused of Copyright Theft!

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Facebook buys Whatsapp: good news or not?

Internet giant Facebook Cross platform instant messaging app for smart phonesAm I alone in not being overly enthusiastic about the purchase of Whatsapp by Facebook?

like many who have grown tired of Facebook and their seemingly constant mission to extract ever more personal and sensitive information from it’s users the simplicity of Whatsapp along with its ability to operate regardless of what type of mobile or network that you have Was a massive plus point.

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I’ve been converted…

From what and to what? you may ask. I’ve always been wary of big technology companies.. i was where Microsoft was concerned in the late 90’s and more recently where Apple, Google, Facebook and a whole host of others are concerned. Not because i’m a particular believer in conspiracy theories, but because i get wary of large companies with massive monopolies in a particular market sector. With Microsoft it was the seemingly never ending releases of the newest version of Windows that supposedly was the ultimate operating system that would cost a small fortune, when i had just purchased the version before a couple of months earlier because it was… you guessed it, the ultimate operating system and for a small fortune!

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The DROP Eco Hotel: Sane and Rational or Barmy?

DROP Eco Hotel

The DROP Eco-Hotel is an ultra-mobile prefab dwelling developed by In-Tenta for a contest organized by Urban Square, O-Cults, and Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura. The mobile hotel room draws inspiration from organic shapes found in nature, and it can be installed on a variety of terrains. The DROP Eco-Hotel is designed to be elevated above the earth (so it leaves a light footprint), and it features spherical transparent windows that can be completely opened to bring guests into direct contact with nature.

Who would have thought something green, could be so cool…

would you consider a break in one of these?

They certainly appear feature packed and can be placed, well just about anywhere according to the designers.

Given the multitude of barmy and sometimes outright whacky efforts to produce environmentally friendly accommodation this in my humble opinion surely has to rank at the more sane and rational end of the scale.

So here we have actual proof that not all environmentalists are lunatics, extremists or just plain loopy.

The big question is how much will the DROP Eco Hotel cost? Time will tell I’m sure but hopefully they won’t cost the earth.. I wonder as it seems the words environmentally friendly or any one of the many variations on the general theme of environmentalism seem to be basically a set of code words for whatever the product is being ridiculously expensive or just plain and blatantly overpriced.

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