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Ukraine and the Media – is anyone impartial anymore?

The whole Media reporting of the goings on in Ukraine is becoming as weird and self serving as the various factions conduct in the whole dispute.

Having the TV on in the background usually on a News Channel means the constant sniping of networks loyal to one side or another is very obvious. Now, don’t get me wrong like many i long ago accepted that the media would only report what versions of news fitted their particular agenda at the time.. But I’m really getting sick of the News Networks digging at each other about how the Ukraine situation is being reported on their respective networks.

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Ukraine: Western Hypocrisy or Ukrainian Fanatics?

Has anyone been following the troubles in Kiev?

The one thing that strikes me is that these troubled times boil down to the Ukrainian president accepting a bail out/trade deal from Russia instead of a trade deal with the EU. These recent rounds of disturbances have apparently claimed some 25+ lives (protesters and police). We have protesters firing weapons at police and burning the city centre’s Independence Square and it’s buildings and the police firing back.

Nobody seems to dispute that the protesters were given the opportunity having made their point to pack up and go home without fear of reprisals, yet the troubles just seem to escalate. We are now 3 months into these protests With no end in sight.

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Justice or witch hunt?

Should the UK police and law enforcement community itself now be on trial for wasting huge sums of taxpayers money and wrecking reputations without due cause?

After decades of missed opportunities to arrest national disgrace Jimmy Saville for his attrocius crimes the law enforcement community and the CPS launched a massive witch hunt called Operation Yewtree, from which we now have the spin off trials where it seems the police and CPS have gone to any lengths to somehow redeem themselves by putting anyone remotely famous in the dock who has had even the slightest loopy or obsessed follower fabricate an allegation against them, no doubt with sights set on selling stories to the media for a small fortune. They tried with Coronation Street actor William Roache and Legendary DJ Dave Lee Travis (DLT) and the ridiculously long list of allegations against them were revealed as just that.. Ridiculous!

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Scottish Independence: Fantasy or Farce?

As an Englishman who has only visited Scotland once and never felt the desire to return i don’t really much care whether Scotland remains part of the UK or goes Independent. I do however care when some nationalist muppet like Alex Salmond and his bunch of SNP buddies in Holyrood start claiming that they can go independent and have the UK that they so desperately want to leave, underwriting an independent Scottish economy.

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Banking: Arrogance reigns supreme…

It seems no sooner than things quieten down after the Reverend Flowers/Co-Operative Bank fiasco then another UK bank finds another way to disgrace the banking industry and this country even further. This time it’s it’s HSBC… what a surprise!

HSBC has admitted to the BBC it secretly implemented a policy of demanding proof  about what people wanted to withdraw money from their accounts for… and if they were not satisfied with the proof the customer couldn’t get their money.

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The Presidential Bunk Up

So President Hollande of France has dumped his girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler after having being caught red handed sneaking out of an apartment block after an illicit meeting with his mistress Julie Gayet.

What i don’t understand is why the media is so obsessed with this story?

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Film Blamed for attacks on US Personnel

It’s being reported that the film titled Muslim Innocence is to blame for violence in Egypt and Libya. US Embassy personnel have been killed and Missile cruisers are reportedly being planted just of the Egyptian and Libyan Coasts according to US News Agencies.

Q: Can any sane person use a film as justification for murder?

Now members of the cast are being reported as claiming the producer of the film duped them into believing it was some kind of historical film about an ancient Egyptian called George according to GAWKER

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US President Barack Obama has vowed the US will work with the Libyan government to bring those responsible for the deaths of US personnel to justice and has been quoted by as saying

“Make no mistake, justice will be done” – Barack Obama 12th September 2012

I certainly hope so Mr Obama. The 4 US Personnel were apparently evacuating the embassy. You can’t get closer to being shot in the back than that.

Although openly senior US officials are maintaining the line of these attacks being protests against the film and stating “there is no clear intelligence that indicated before hand of a possible attack” even though it’s now claimed by CNN that ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, who was one of those killed warned of extremist groups and acts as far back as 2008 in close proximity to the embassy. CNN is reporting that speaking on condition of anonymity some US Officials believe this is a planned anniversary of 9/11 and that Chris Stevens was in fact targeted by the very pro al-qaeda extremists he warned the US of. Ambassador Stevens warning were among the many communications published by wikiLeaks in 2010/2011 say CNN.

Q: Was the west wrong to support the overthrow of Col. Gadhafi? Would we have been better off with the devil we knew or has the west only succeeded in creating the next war zone?

Time will tell….

UK MP’s: Ban Happy Hour!

“happy hour” drink promotions should be banned according to a group of UK MPs.

British supermarkets should also be subject to tighter controls and prevented by law from selling alcohol at a loss to encourage people into their stores, the MPs say.

Citing research that showed the real price of alcohol has fallen dramatically, the Home Affairs Select Committee urged ministers to clamp down on irresponsible bars and pubs.

They found the “whole focus” of police resources was in dealing with alcohol-fuelled and football violence, meaning officers were “hitting their targets but missing the point”.

Chairman of the select committee Keith Vaz said: “We cannot have on one hand a world of alcohol promotions for profit that fuels surges of crime and disorder, and on the other the police diverting all their resources to cope with it.”

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