Ukraine and the Media – is anyone impartial anymore?

The whole Media reporting of the goings on in Ukraine is becoming as weird and self serving as the various factions conduct in the whole dispute.

Having the TV on in the background usually on a News Channel means the constant sniping of networks loyal to one side or another is very obvious. Now, don’t get me wrong like many i long ago accepted that the media would only report what versions of news fitted their particular agenda at the time.. But I’m really getting sick of the News Networks digging at each other about how the Ukraine situation is being reported on their respective networks.

Russian State Funded TV Network

The latest chapter has been written by RT (Russia Today) where it seems it has reported that it has carried out a survey of Londoners about whether they feel the BBC has been reporting in a Biased manner. Apparently they do, but thats hardly breaking news as the rest of us have known the BBC usually tows the Government line on controversial issues! To cap it all off, RT (Kremlin Funded English Language News Network that is not available to Russians in Russia) have the bare faced cheek to claim their coverage is impartial and complete, yet in the same feature article the network presented a history of the Ukraine Uprisings which unsurprisingly completely failed to mention anything at all about Russia invading the territory of Crimea in the South of Ukraine.

People of the Ukraine will ultimately pay the price for EGO trips of world leaders.

When it comes to the current regime in Kiev, Obviously the western networks are representing the regime as legitimate and can do no wrong. On the other side we have RT etc claiming them to be terrorists who have seized power with US/EU backing and support. The reality is that both sides are guilty as hell of playing power games in Ukraine and it is ultimately the people of Ukraine that will ultimately pay the price for the ego trips of world leaders and their administrations.

Whats needed is a truly independent News Network otherwise we are only ever going to get massively distorted and biased reporting of news.

 RT’s Abby Martin Branded a Lunatic

Abby Martin, RT’s Washington based anchor last month attempted to portray dissent within the ranks by appearing to criticise Russian Policy. However it may have backfired as many commentators at time took it to be heavily stage managed.


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