Next Ice Age likely to arrive before some eBay purchases

Ever found just the thing your looking for on eBay, Only to find that the seller is only offering to send it by the slowest delivery service the human race has ever created?

If the answer is yes, your not alone. It seems in recent years starting approximately when eBay started to ‘re-invent’ itself in it’s desperate bid to become another Amazon style website rather than it’s traditional ‘flea market’ appearance that along with the exodus of normal sellers their has also been an exodus of morals about delivering the item in timely fashion. To add insult to injury many ‘Buy it Now’ items now demand immeadiate payment yet when the postage details are checked state that dispatch can in many cases be 3-4 days and then only a snails pace delivery service offered.

I really do wonder some days how many eBay retailers actually realise how many sales they lose by just the simple act of offering only an economy delivery service?

Evidently their are a few, because in a bid to appear higher in the results lists they offer a premium delivery service which gets them marked with a little rosette or whatever it is, but when you check what the ‘premium service’ is its something like Royal Mail special delivery, but for an extortionate price (some i have seen are £75 for what is actually about £8 – £10 of service!) why? so they can improve their placing in the results, but still without any danger of actually having to dispatch their sales until they are good and ready and in turn disguise the contempt for their buyers expectations.

Just a final word, whatever you do, don’t go on eBay’s community forums complaining about these kinds of issues. One buyer did in a thread i saw a while back, and it quickly became obvious just how many sellers were lurking their under alternate ID’s ready to attack any poor soul who dared suggest any eBay seller was not always right and knew best. It was also disappointing to see how many of these sellers with second eBay accounts from behind the cloak of anonomity blatantly boasted that the buyer who was bemoaning the lack of faster delivery services on offer had been added to ‘block lists’ as he was now seen as a ‘problem buyer’. The Internet can be a wonderful place, and it can be an ugly place where their are no morals at all… which part does eBay fit into?


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