Facebook buys Whatsapp: good news or not?

Internet giant Facebook Cross platform instant messaging app for smart phonesAm I alone in not being overly enthusiastic about the purchase of Whatsapp by Facebook?

like many who have grown tired of Facebook and their seemingly constant mission to extract ever more personal and sensitive information from it’s users the simplicity of Whatsapp along with its ability to operate regardless of what type of mobile or network that you have Was a massive plus point.

My gut reaction is that Whatsapp is the latest product that has now been swallowed up and will ultimately be wrecked by an internet giant.

For many users the simplicity of Whatsapp was a key feature and says a lot about attitudes towards ‘social media’ that is becoming ever more intrusive into every element of people’s lives especially in these post ‘snowden’ days.

i’m left wondering how many users will now desert Whatsapp in favour of other services. I know I closed my Facebook account a good while ago for a reason and now with Facebook in the driving seat at Whatsapp I may soon be doing the same again.


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