Ukraine: Western Hypocrisy or Ukrainian Fanatics?

Has anyone been following the troubles in Kiev?

The one thing that strikes me is that these troubled times boil down to the Ukrainian president accepting a bail out/trade deal from Russia instead of a trade deal with the EU. These recent rounds of disturbances have apparently claimed some 25+ lives (protesters and police). We have protesters firing weapons at police and burning the city centre’s Independence Square and it’s buildings and the police firing back.

Nobody seems to dispute that the protesters were given the opportunity having made their point to pack up and go home without fear of reprisals, yet the troubles just seem to escalate. We are now 3 months into these protests With no end in sight.

According to all the major news networks this protest is pretty much limited to Independence Square, In the centre of Kiev which surely hardly constitutes widespread public opinion or civil war when you consider the size of Ukraine.

So is this a really a relatively small uprising by rebels and pro EU fanatics when you take into account the size of the country and population? Or is a far larger uprising being swept under the carpet?

Now we have the US Government, The UN, and now the EU all interfering dressed up as mediation and ‘urging’ tolerence, political reforms and dialogue.

I can’t help but wonder if these same western governments, if faced with protests claiming the lives of police officers and burning city centre’s, regardless of the politics of the president would be setting those unlawful death’s to one side as they rush to the negotiating table?

Here in the UK, when faced with armed rebels in Northern Ireland the British government deployed the army and special forces – rightly or wrongly it wouldn’t tolerate rebellion let alone armed rebellion in the province, In the US just the act of disobeying a police officer is enough to have a gun pointed in your direction.. and retalliating in kind will have you swarmed over by SWAT teams prepared to use lethal force.

So should the UK, US and EU governments and politicians be interfering in Ukrainian politics and domestic issues? or is this sour grapes because Ukraine went with the deal offered by Russia instead of that offered by the EU?


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