Justice or witch hunt?

Should the UK police and law enforcement community itself now be on trial for wasting huge sums of taxpayers money and wrecking reputations without due cause?

After decades of missed opportunities to arrest national disgrace Jimmy Saville for his attrocius crimes the law enforcement community and the CPS launched a massive witch hunt called Operation Yewtree, from which we now have the spin off trials where it seems the police and CPS have gone to any lengths to somehow redeem themselves by putting anyone remotely famous in the dock who has had even the slightest loopy or obsessed follower fabricate an allegation against them, no doubt with sights set on selling stories to the media for a small fortune. They tried with Coronation Street actor William Roache and Legendary DJ Dave Lee Travis (DLT) and the ridiculously long list of allegations against them were revealed as just that.. Ridiculous!

Did the detectives even take their brains to work with them?

I ask, as one of the allegations that Dave Lee Travis had levelled against him was that he molested a teenager in a studio in front of a camera crew while filming the music chart show ‘Top of the Pops’. so apparently he had his hand up the skirt of a young woman in front of a camera crew and audience of god knows how many other teenagers.. and no one noticed? yeah right, course he did! How did that even get to court?? It really beggars belief.

William Roache had some similarly daft allegations thrown at him in the court room. Claims he indecently assulted females at the ITV studio’s where Coronation Street is filmed, yet he had never even met the women and would there not have been a record of them being in the studio’s? Would there not be witnesses? After all security is very tight as has been demonstrated many times when it comes to storyline secrecy and i’m sure they don’t just let people in and have them wander about without an escort of some sort.

Its always others who suffer when the police fail to act appropriately!

The worst bit of it all is that here are just 2 of many cases where moderatly famous people have had their reputations wrecked in a courtroom because of what amounts to the envitable witch hunt that ensues everytime the police or CPS are demonstrated to have not done their job properly in the first place. It’s always others who suffer whether that be victims of crime when the police just can’t be bothered or the poor sods who are targetted in the desperate attempt to divert peoples attention from the original failure.

I will forgive you if at this point, your thinking this is some kind of anti female right to justice blog… but it’s not…

what it is, is a article from someone who is getting sick and tired of the police and CPS among others who consistantly fail to do their job and then when demonstrated as being sloppy or having taken their eye of the ball, then launch as in this case a massive witch hunt as if that makes everything ok. the reality is that genuine victims from many years past have had their chances of seeing justice done, at best seriously diminished and gives the ‘loopy obsessed element’ the material they need to fabricate false allegations against the genuinely innocent with a view to soliciting cash from the media and no doubt compensation from the ‘innocent’ victim of their claims.

What we should see is heads rolling in whatever service it is that doesn’t do it’s job properly instead of tolerating witch hunts dressed up as justice. That really is a national disgrace!


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