Scottish Independence: Fantasy or Farce?

As an Englishman who has only visited Scotland once and never felt the desire to return i don’t really much care whether Scotland remains part of the UK or goes Independent. I do however care when some nationalist muppet like Alex Salmond and his bunch of SNP buddies in Holyrood start claiming that they can go independent and have the UK that they so desperately want to leave, underwriting an independent Scottish economy.

Mr Salmond says it makes sense to ‘share’ a currency’, not to me it doesn’t! and now the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney has now publicly stated “A Independent Scotland would have to surrender some of it’s sovereignty in order to keep the GBP as it’s currency”. This included a suggestion of oversight of it’s spending from London to ensure Scotland doesn’t overspend, and in times of crisis without control of it’s own currency and interest rates the Scottish workforce would be subject to far deeper wage cuts and public spending cutbacks similar to what is happening in Greece and Spain currently.

Does having London telling Holyrood how much it can spend and what the interest rates will be etc, sort of make the whole Independence thing a bit of a farce? or at best a fantasy?

The SNP says an independent Scotland will join the EU, but they don’t know yet whether they can get membership or even on what terms.

The SNP says it will join NATO, with what??? Even though the SNP has said it will not have Nuclear Weapons on Scottish soil, it seems to me that they still want to benefit from being part of a Nuclear backed strategic alliance.

At a time when political groups like UKIP are giving the Coalition Government such a bruising over continued membership of the EU, whether Mr Salmond and his merry little helpers in Holyrood have considered whether or not another grouping may yet rise up against a financial union with an Independant Scotland at sometime in the future should the Scottish Economy not be as robust as the SNP thinks it is, and the UK has to make a choice between starting to bail Scotland out or leaving it to sink in a financial sense.

Will history consider the SNP as Scottish hero’s or just criminally insane?

I personally feel it’s the latter, but ultimately before history can make that judgement legitimately, my time will have long since past.


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