Banking: IT Systems Not Up To The Job!

Were you one of the poor souls who on Sunday tried to use your debit card or ATM and had the transaction refused as the IT Systems at Halifax, Lloyds, Bank of Scotland and TSB went into melt down?

“I think we all end up as accepting them as being so reliable that we don’t think about the importance of carrying some cash around as well.” – Peter McNamara, former head of personal banking at Lloyds, BBC Radio 5 live’s Mickey Clarke

OMG, we have HSBC refusing to give customers their cash without written evidence of why they want it, and now banks saying the reasons their systems crash so often is because we use the debit cards they dish out like candy bars, too much!

Am i alone in wondering if this can happen so easily on a Sunday… How vulnerable are their systems during the working week? I wonder if anyone in the banking industry will ever give an honest answer to that?

Do these arrogant bankers think the population of this country are idiots and will just keep accepting piss poor excuses, piss poor service and a busted arse attitude towards their customers?

The time has come for me to start shopping around i think…


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