Banking: Arrogance reigns supreme…

It seems no sooner than things quieten down after the Reverend Flowers/Co-Operative Bank fiasco then another UK bank finds another way to disgrace the banking industry and this country even further. This time it’s it’s HSBC… what a surprise!

HSBC has admitted to the BBC it secretly implemented a policy of demanding proof  about what people wanted to withdraw money from their accounts for… and if they were not satisfied with the proof the customer couldn’t get their money.

One customer of 28yrs was told he would need to get a letter from his mother before he could withdraw £7000 to repay a loan from her! he refused, the bank wouldn’t give him his money.

Another poor customer of this arrogant bunch of bankers had to provide a builders quote to the bank for she could withdraw the money to pay said builder!

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell likened it to  a child asking for pocket money.

When will the arrogant bankers get one simple fact through their thick heads… IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY, IT’S YOUR CUSTOMERS. THEY CAN SPEND IT HOW THEY F***ING WELL LIKE!

If this example alone isn’t good enough reason for the piss poor excuse for a government in this country to get the banking industry by the proverbial throat and choke the living shit out of it till it does grow a brain cell or two, then i don’t know what is!


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