I’ve been converted…

From what and to what? you may ask. I’ve always been wary of big technology companies.. i was where Microsoft was concerned in the late 90’s and more recently where Apple, Google, Facebook and a whole host of others are concerned. Not because i’m a particular believer in conspiracy theories, but because i get wary of large companies with massive monopolies in a particular market sector. With Microsoft it was the seemingly never ending releases of the newest version of Windows that supposedly was the ultimate operating system that would cost a small fortune, when i had just purchased the version before a couple of months earlier because it was… you guessed it, the ultimate operating system and for a small fortune!

Let me explain, that i’m from a generation that went through school without computers.. the old IBM 66mhz was just starting to appear in schools when i was in college (17-18yrs old). So i’m young enough to ‘get’ computers but old enough to remember a life before computers and the internet. So when i see the massive amounts of personal information that the likes of Google and Facebook drag out of people by fair means or foul, i get a bit edgey about it.

For many years i’ve watched as the iPhone gained a massive following telling myself i would have no possible use for one, i have a phone for calls a laptop for Internet, a digital camera for photo’s and a Sat Nav in the car… what possible use could i have for an iPhone?

Well last year my trusty old Motorola mobile finally died of old age, it did well… used daily for both work and pleasure it notched up 10yrs of trouble free service. So a new one was obviously required and therefore a trip to the local phone shop was made. I’m not sure who was more pleased when an hour and a half later i left the shop, the salesman or me.. yep he sold me an iPhone 5, but boy did he earn his commission that day!

Well it’s coming up for a year since i got my iPhone, and although i rarely admit it in front of anyone else… i secretly quite like it! In fact only a couple of weeks ago i took delivery of my new iPad.. i haven’t actually told anyone about this purchase yet. Why did i get one? well the iPhone is good, it really is.. and the iPad? well the one drawback of the iPhone is obviously screen size and i needed something a bit bigger but still as practical as the iPhone.

In many ways i do admire Apple in a weird way, not for the billions and billions of Dollars they have made from iPod, iPhone and iPad but because they have achieved something the once mighty Microsoft never did, A stable cutting edge product that just works, without constantly crashing and almost daily updates and fixes for problems. That is very probably the single biggest factor for people of my generation who remember the constant update aggro that was Windows 95, 98, ME and XP.


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